Pet Obesity Data Collection Help Needed

October 12 marks National Pet Obesity Awareness day, and the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention is looking for participants to record pet’s weights for their study. Although aimed at veterinarians, pet owners can participate as well. This year marks the fifth annual study.

To join the study as a pet owner, simply use the contact form to submit your name and email, and someone from the study will get back to you regarding the details. Veterinarians can get involved by filling in a more detailed form on the website. More information on the study from APOP:

If you are interested, simply complete the form and we will contact you with handouts, instructions, and measuring tapes to complete the study. This study is independent of any and all corporate sponsorships or involvements. It is important that this study remain neutral to protect the integrity and interpretation of results.

The data sheets and instructions are also available for download at the APOP website, along with videos on how to assess pets.