The Benefits of Oxygen Cages

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Every pet owner should be aware of emergency services that their veterinarian provides, or have the location and contact information of a larger veterinary hospital on hand just in case. Many smaller, local practices are incorporating the use of advanced technologies. One of these therapies includes having an oxygen cage on hand.

Due to health issues like heart failure, anxiety, and allergies, pets can suffer a lack of oxygen in the system and have trouble breathing. Many pets die each year due to a lack of oxygen. An oxygen tank can prevent some of these deaths and provide more comfort for a suffering animal. Another perk to using an oxygen cage is that this form of therapy is non-invasive. While the pet is in the oxygen cage, veterinarians can observe the pet as it relaxes.

The Redwood Veterinary Hospital in Taylorsville, Utah, is just one animal hospital that uses an oxygen cage. They describe their oxygen cages as:

The oxygen cage isessentially an enclosed space where 95% oxygen is piped in. There are thin sheets of see-through Lexan, much like a windshield of a helicopter made of plastic that is configured together against the edges of the cage, (box within a box) to contain the oxygen and which then provides an enriched breathing environment.

The oxygen cage is not just limited to dogs and cats, but can also be used on other animals, like birds, hamsters, guinea pigs, and rabbits. The oxygen cage is also used to help pets recover from anesthesia more quickly, generating a faster recovery from surgery.

Not all oxygen cages are created equal, so it is important to ask your vet beforehand any questions you have regarding the cage. The safest cages provide humidity and temperature control, but are more expensive to use, so this is just one factor to inquire about.

In general, an oxygen cage might be what saves your pet’s life in an emergency, or it might provide comfort and promote healing after a surgery. With these benefits, it is worth asking your veterinarian about!

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